INORI 2017

Hello guys!! today, I want to tell you about my experience. Inori 2017 is an annual event that took place in SMAN 3 Bandung. The creator is Nihonggo Kurabu 3. I came to Inori 2017 with my junior high school friends, and I cosplayed as Hiyori from anime Noragami. I saw a lot of people having fun there.

There are several stands in Inori 2017, one of them is Obake House. The Obake House in Inori 2017 took place in the second grader class. Obake House was supported by TS'T Club. Obake House is very scary, the "ghosts" inside the Obake House does their job very good, I was amazed by the actors who act very good. It was my favorite stand in the Inori 2017.

Inori 2017 presents so many Japanese cover artists. They sang a lot of songs, and I enjoyed it. One of the band is Kirari. Many of their fans come to Inori just to see them. Another stand in Inori 2017 is the Food Stand. It sells so many Japanese food and drinks. My favorite Japanese food is Okonomiyaki and Ramen. I ate a lo…

Atomium Video

Click this link below to watch my video about ATOMIUM in Brussels, Belgium.

Nifela's Holiday Plans.

Hello there!

Welcome to my blog.
Today's blog content is about my friend's holiday plans. My friend here named Nifela. She is 14 years old. She has a strange hobby. She likes to collect paper from around the world, and she writes the date and the place when she purchase the paper. She has got 24 paper from 24 country (OMG she is very awesome). She offers me to go to Japan together in next two weeks because she knows that I love everything about Japan and if I go with her, I will get 99% discount for the airplane ticket.

Nifela said that in the first  day of our vacation, she wanted to go to Akihabara Prefecture together to search for ikemen (handsome boy). While Nifela is searching for ikemen, I will go to anime store in the corner of Akihabara Prefecture to enjoy my time in the heaven of anime otaku (anime geek). Nifela wanted to go to a popular fried chicken restaurant named "Agebaka" so then we will go to that restaurant. At night, we will go into two different place…

desperated moment

a conversation with the stranger.

At a coffee shop named STARBAX,

Allyda: Excuse me.
Nafisa: Yes.
Allyda: May I seat here?
Nafisa: Sure.
Allyda: Thanks!

(Allyda seat down next to Nafisa.)

Nafisa: Are you waiting for someone?
Allyda: Yes, I am waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up.
Nafisa: Aww, that's sweet of him.
Allyda: Well yes he is.
Nafisa: Ah yes, we haven't introduce our self properly, haha.
Allyda: Haha, yes.
Nafisa: I'm Nafisa, nice to meet you.
Allyda: I'm Allyda, nice to meet you too!
Nafisa: Are you in high school now?
Allyda: Yupp, I'm a junior now.
Nafisa: Wow, me too. Such a coincidence
Allyda: Which school do you go to?
Nafina: SMAN 3 Bandung.
Allyda: Oh my God. me too! we are in the same school!
Nafisa: Really? Why haven't I ever saw you?
Allyda: My class is in the top floor, maybe that's why.
Nafisa: By the way, our school is going to held an event this weekend, are you participating?
Allyda: You mean Inori?
Nafisa: Yes.
Allyda: Of course I'am participating. I love Ja…


Hello world.
Firstly, welcome to my blog.My name is Charishma Allyda Najib. People usually call me Alley. I was born on first of November 2002, in my beloved home city, Bandung. I am learning several language.English, Japanese, Deustch, and Korean. I love learning languages! my parents supports me. Right now, I am studying in SMAN 3Bandung.❤ My class is at X MIPA 4. The students in X MIPA 4 are very kind and lovable. My hobbies are playing the piano and playing games.I learned to play piano since I was 4 years old. My favorite pianist is Chopin. My favorite classical song is Chopin Ballade Op. 23 No. 1 It's played in G minor and I love minor scale songs.
I played many games in my laptop and my Nintendo Wii console.My favorite gamesusually are Fatal Frame, Point Blank, Celestia Luna, and Harvest Moon. I play games with my friends, although they're all boys.❤ I also loves to watch Anime.My favorite anime is Sword Art Online. Why? because everything about SAO sucks. But I lov…