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a conversation with the stranger.

At a coffee shop named STARBAX,

Allyda: Excuse me.
Nafisa: Yes.
Allyda: May I seat here?
Nafisa: Sure.
Allyda: Thanks!

(Allyda seat down next to Nafisa.)

Nafisa: Are you waiting for someone?
Allyda: Yes, I am waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up.
Nafisa: Aww, that's sweet of him.
Allyda: Well yes he is.
Nafisa: Ah yes, we haven't introduce our self properly, haha.
Allyda: Haha, yes.
Nafisa: I'm Nafisa, nice to meet you.
Allyda: I'm Allyda, nice to meet you too!
Nafisa: Are you in high school now?
Allyda: Yupp, I'm a junior now.
Nafisa: Wow, me too. Such a coincidence
Allyda: Which school do you go to?
Nafina: SMAN 3 Bandung.
Allyda: Oh my God. me too! we are in the same school!
Nafisa: Really? Why haven't I ever saw you?
Allyda: My class is in the top floor, maybe that's why.
Nafisa: By the way, our school is going to held an event this weekend, are you participating?
Allyda: You mean Inori?
Nafisa: Yes.
Allyda: Of course I'am participating. I love Ja…

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