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Nifela's Holiday Plans.

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Today's blog content is about my friend's holiday plans. My friend here named Nifela. She is 14 years old. She has a strange hobby. She likes to collect paper from around the world, and she writes the date and the place when she purchase the paper. She has got 24 paper from 24 country (OMG she is very awesome). She offers me to go to Japan together in next two weeks because she knows that I love everything about Japan and if I go with her, I will get 99% discount for the airplane ticket.

Nifela said that in the first  day of our vacation, she wanted to go to Akihabara Prefecture together to search for ikemen (handsome boy). While Nifela is searching for ikemen, I will go to anime store in the corner of Akihabara Prefecture to enjoy my time in the heaven of anime otaku (anime geek). Nifela wanted to go to a popular fried chicken restaurant named "Agebaka" so then we will go to that restaurant. At night, we will go into two different places. Nifela will go to a big bookstore named "Book Off" and I will go to a popular maid cafe that called "Maidreamin" just to enjoy the vibes. 

                                                                    "Book Off" in Japan.
                                                                                  (source: https://stbooking.co/en/1510)

                                                                  "Maidreamin" in Japan.
                                    (source: https://hubjapan.io/articles/5-best-maid-cafe-in-akihabara-in-tokyo-you-should-visit)


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