Sabtu, 09 Desember 2017

INORI 2017

Hello guys!! today, I want to tell you about my experience. Inori 2017 is an annual event that took place in SMAN 3 Bandung. The creator is Nihonggo Kurabu 3. I came to Inori 2017 with my junior high school friends, and I cosplayed as Hiyori from anime Noragami. I saw a lot of people having fun there.

There are several stands in Inori 2017, one of them is Obake House. The Obake House in Inori 2017 took place in the second grader class. Obake House was supported by TS'T Club. Obake House is very scary, the "ghosts" inside the Obake House does their job very good, I was amazed by the actors who act very good. It was my favorite stand in the Inori 2017.

Inori 2017 presents so many Japanese cover artists. They sang a lot of songs, and I enjoyed it. One of the band is Kirari. Many of their fans come to Inori just to see them. Another stand in Inori 2017 is the Food Stand. It sells so many Japanese food and drinks. My favorite Japanese food is Okonomiyaki and Ramen. I ate a lot ahaha.

There are another stands in Inori 2017 such as the game corner, merchandise, and many more. I am having so much fun there, I enjoyed the food and I enjoyed the event so much! and I would like to come again next year. So, that's all from me today! Hope you can join me to Inori 2018. Byee~

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